Version 60 Release
  • Recorder countdown:
    There’s now a 3-second countdown timer before recordings start to give users time to prepare, with the option to turn it off in recorder settings.
  • VU meter
    : You can now show a VU meter in the editor to see audio levels live while playing back. Just select View > Toggle Volume in Timeline.
Quality of life improvements:
  • Projects created using our Zapier integration now create Storyboard projects.
  • You can now also include or remove layers or clips from the script from the context menu in the timeline.
  • We’ve updated the spacing in the script to make it easier to tell speaker labels and paragraphs apart.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug with “Remove download” that waited up to 30 days to actually remove downloaded files from that project.
Patch Release 59.1.4
  • Fixed an issue where Overdubs on video would regenerate unexpectedly
Patch Release 59.1.3
  • Fixed local export of projects with placeholder layers
Patch Release 59.1.2
  • Fixed an issue resulting in a crash when selecting a clip from the property panel while editing a sequence
Patch Release 59.1.1
  • Fixed pasting images into Descript that were copied from outside of the app
Version 59 Release
  • New caption stock templates
    : We’ve added 15 new caption templates in various styles designed to make your vertical videos and clips for social media more engaging and accessible
  • Improved canvas layer selection
    : It’s now much easier to hover, select, and interact with overlapping layers
  • Added global background activity drawer
    : This drawer improves the visibility of uploading and downloading files. You’ll find it at the top right of projects and the drive view.
  • Move layers in and out of the script
    : If you accidentally add a new layer, you can now move it into the script from the ••• menu on the top-right of the properties panel. Layers must contain audio to move them in & out.
  • Add files to start or end of script
    : You can now add new files to the beginning or end of the script by dragging and dropping to the top or bottom of the script, just as you can in the timeline.
Other improvements:
  • You can now select any resolution option when publishing, and if you aren’t on Pro or Enterprise you can upgrade to access 4K publishing
  • For quick recordings, the copy link and open share page functionality have been merged into a single button
  • Recorder errors caused by some of the most common cases will give specific instructions and links to the troubleshooting page in our help center
Patch Release 58.1.4
  • Fixed an issue causing slow performance when deleting ranges in a sequence
Patch Release 58.1.3
  • Allowed 4K recording for any paid account
  • Fixed crash of certain projects upon opening
Patch Release 58.1.2
  • Fixed an issue that caused recordings to be discarded when recording camera and computer audio with certain configurations
Version 58 Release
  • Canvas toolbar
    : When selecting media layers in the canvas, you'll now see our new canvas toolbar. It provides quick access to a redesigned and improved crop mode, as well as a convenient way to replace the media layer.
  • Quickly duplicate a layer
    : You can now duplicate a layer quickly with Cmd-D/Ctrl-D, or by holding Option/Alt and dragging it.
  • Drawer rearrangement
    : We've improved the design to make it clearer that you can rearrange and pin drawers, such as the Media Library and Template Gallery, to suit your ideal workflow.
  • Media Library layout
    : We’ve updated the layout of the Media Library to provide more horizontal space and improve visibility when previewing your files.
  • Big projects load quicker
    : We've significantly improved the loading times for large projects. After the initial load on this version, subsequent loads should open much faster.
  • 4K video publishing
    : Pro and Enterprise drive members can now publish any composition or Quick Recording to the cloud in 4K resolution, as long as the original composition or recording is at least 4K.
  • Auto-published Quick Recordings
    : Quick Recordings are now automatically published when you finish recording, so they're ready to be shared sooner. If you intend to use your recordings in a project (not intended to be shared), you should use the recorder inside of a project.
Publish modal updates
  • We now make the first frame of your video the default thumbnail.
  • You can easily change your video thumbnail to any frame from your video.
  • Updated the icons for buttons to open the share page and unpublish the video.
  • You can now download your published video directly from the Editor in the Publish modal – it’s very fast and high quality.
Quality of life improvements
  • You can now specify the tracks in a sequence to include in the combined script. To do this, go to the top-right of the properties panel and select either
    Remove from Script
    Include in Script
    . Removing tracks from the script can help resolve issues with transcript corrections not being applied, as they can be caused by conflicting tracks.
  • Text layers can now be assigned different color properties, such as fill, border, and background, for different scenes.
  • If you experience an issue with your recorder, we'll link you to our troubleshooting page in the Help Center.
  • Training projects for AI voices (Overdub) are now in the new Descript design style.
  • If you apply and are approved for a Descript educational organization plan, you will now see a dropdown option for EDU/NFP on your subscription management page
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