Descript for Web is officially out of Beta
The future of Descript is happening right now, and we’re taking a moment to make sure you’re up to speed.
A while back we introduced Descript for Web, and in v91, we announced that we had completed Beta testing. The Web version is now in wide release, and you can use it right now. We’ve raised the file size limit from 5GB to 50GB, so there’s nothing in the way of completing projects start to finish on the Web.
This project required rebuilding our media engine from the ground up, allowing us to store your files and stream them back to you without you having to download anything, ever.
Just head to to see for yourself.
Here are just some of the benefits of Descript for Web:
  • Faster transcription processing
  • More responsive editor performance
  • Better media file performance: files play back faster and smoother than Desktop
  • Higher quality file previews during playback (up to 4k in some cases)
  • No app required
  • No waiting for files to download
  • Less reliance on your hardware
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Web recording uploads while you record for near instant processing and playback
But that’s not the best part, we’re also announcing the new and improved Desktop app, that brings all of these improvements into a local package that you can download right now.
Desktop Preview
We’re excited to announce a new pre-release version of the Descript Desktop app. This new version of our Desktop app brings all the benefits of Descript for Web into a local app package.
Click here to Download the new Desktop Preview version of Descript, and here for installation instructions.
This new version of Descript will eventually replace the Desktop app, and you get started with it today. Say goodbye to “A new version of Descript is ready” prompts - in addition to all the benefits listed above, the new Desktop Preview will never require you to restart for updates.
You can have both the regular Desktop app and the new Desktop Preview installed at the same time, and switch back and forth without causing compatibility issues.
For both further information, and all current limitations for Descript for Web, and the Desktop preview, please visit our Help Center.