The relentless manual grind, tool juggling, and creative solitude is about to get a whole lot easier with AI Actions, your new creative sidekick in Descript.
You'll find AI Actions in the new Action Bar at the top of your script, together with familiar tools like search, remove filler words, and shorten word gaps, all set up to streamline and simplify your creative process.
The Search and Star buttons have been merged into the Action bar - which also replaces the Conductor.
Actions Bar Equation (5)
In addition to our AI tools, you can find almost any project function in the Action bar.
With a handful of AI Actions ready for you to try today, anticipate a wealth of them rolling out throughout the rest of the year, geared to ease your writing, editing, searching, and publishing endeavors, making the creative process much more fluid and enjoyable.
The AI Actions we released today
Add chapter markers
Analyzes your script, and generates chapter markers that can be automatically inserted.
This tool provides a condensed summary of your script, which you can use to expedite note-taking or copy to clipboard to share externally.
Social Post Writer
Writes short promotional posts for use on social media such as Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram.
Ask AI anything
The world is your oyster - or maybe the AI is your oyster. This is an open-ended prompt, ask AI for writing, editing, or clarity tips or anything else you can think of.