A new week brings a new spread of AI Actions to eliminate busy work and keep you focused on the big picture. From generating blog-o-fied versions of your scripts to generating scripts from scratch, Descript AI actions have you covered.
AI Turn into Blog Post
Catering to multiple audiences with a variety of formats is a great way to expand your reach, but it can be a major pain to manage all of these content pipelines. With Turn into Blog Post you can generate blog-style write-ups of your audio or video content with a single click.
AI Script Generator
Task AI with generating long or short-form Script content for nearly any purpose. Whether you’re having trouble with a particular section, or want to generate a full draft Script Generator can help.
Note: This works on a blank script only.
AI Script Rewriter
Ask AI to Rewrite your script with an editor's eye. It will maintain the basic outline and structure while attempting to improve clarity and flow to keep your audience engaged.
Even more writing Actions
In addition, we have 4 extra bonus actions:
Brainstorm ideas with me...
Turn Descript’s AI into the perfect muse. AI will help you workshop and refine to get the idea wheels turning.
Note: This option only appears on a blank script.
Outline a script...
AI will generate a script outline based on your prompt. A great option for creators who prefer to speak extemporaneously from notes rather than a word-for-word script.
Shorten this...
If you’re anything like us, sometimes you use lots of redundant, repetitive words, repeating yourself repetitively in an effort to get your point across. Let AI clean things up for you so you can get straight to the point.
Expand on this…
Sometimes you realize you haven’t said enough, let AI get a little wordy with it to create longer more detailed content.