Release Version 71

  • Search
    : We’ve updated the design for search based on your feedback to make it easier to find & use the various features. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, you can now find a number of search actions under
    Find and…
    : Remove filler words, Shorten word gaps, Remove, Correct and Copy. You can also remove individual search results from the search results list in the side panel to make it easier to apply bulk actions to all but a few instances. The search results list has been cleaned up, including the removal of timestamps.
  • Layer list
    : We’ve made a number of improvements to the layer list in the properties panel. You can now drag to re-arrange layers, see audio layers in the layer list, rename layers from the context menu, and mute or solo audio layers. We also now show the layer list when there is no selection in audio-only compositions.
  • Scene properties
    : We now show scene properties when there is no selection in video compositions. We also now allow you to Choose a template or save the current scene as a template from scene properties.
  • Templates
    : In addition to making it easier to apply or create Templates from Scene properties, we’ve redesigned the templates panel to make it easier to browse Template packs, and repeatedly apply or switch between individual Templates from the same Template pack.
  • Using
    Overdub & Regenerate with Videos
    : Overdub and Regenerate no longer create Sequences when used on a video, and instead move the original video out into a new layer in the composition. This allows you to adjust the original video with the generated audio right from the composition timeline without needing to enter a Sequence.
  • Studio Sound on range selections
    : Studio Sound is now applied to all files in the selected range.
Other tweaks & fixes
  • Cleaned up the Descript icon menu inside the editor to make it easier to find menu options and added a few additional menu items.
  • Fixed an issue with un-transcribed waveforms in the Sequencer being too dark.
  • Fixed an issue with setting manual word gap durations where it sometimes wouldn’t show up when opened via the context menu.