Release Version 76

Expand Canvas
You can now expand the canvas and hide other panels using the Expand canvas button in the upper right corner or by pressing Command + [.] or Control + [.] on Windows.
Draggable Markers
Markers can now be dragged and dropped for on-the-fly project re-organization.
Filler words: Remove from transcript
We brought back the option to remove filler words from the Transcript without removing the underlying audio for users who want a cleaner transcript while retaining the natural speech on a recording.
Wordless Media
Over the coming weeks, users will gradually begin to see that Media files without transcription and sections of transcribed audio with word gaps will now appear as Wordless Media within your Script. These peaks and valleys simulate the loudness of the underlying audio so you can understand your workflow visually, and edit non-speech audio or word gaps right from the Script.
This is an exciting feature that unlocks new workflows to edit wordless media in your projects.
If you’re not seeing it yet - it should be enabled for you soon.
Other Tweaks
We brought back the Markers list dropdown after listening to your feedback.
More Layer Options (1)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing Auto Scrolling on published pages
  • Fixed an issue causing Enable Speech Generation prompt to reappear periodically
  • Fixed an issue causing Speaker Labeling confusion when importing files via Edit in Descript
  • Fixed an issue in audio-only compositions wherein dragging Speaker Labels created Freeze Frames instead of Gap Clips
  • Fixed a bug related to toggling Room Tone on Gap Clips in audio-only compositions
  • Fixed even more Studio Sound-related export issues
  • Fixed a bug on MacOS preventing project Version History opening
  • Fixed two issues related to transcription alignment. One caused an error message, and another caused doubled words in the transcript
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect transcript text colors
Note: A previous version of this changelog included a mention of the upcoming Bulk project actions feature. This feature release was moved to v77.