Here's what's new in version 89 of Descript:
New Security Tools for Enterprise Admins
Enterprise Drive Owners and Drive Admins can now place limits on Publishing to prevent Drive members from publishing Public links and restrict whether published projects will appear in search engine results.
These tools are only available to Owners and Admins on
Enterprise Drives
and can be found under the Settings menu → Subscriptions → Publish Privacy Options.
Descript for Web now with Recording (Beta)
The Descript for Web beta has been upgraded with a recorder. This recorder works almost identically to the in-app equivalent with a few limitations. You’ll need to select “Allow” when your Descript asks for permission to use your Microphone and Camera.
A reminder: Descript for Web is still in Beta, so some bugs are to be expected.
Speaker Labeling Update Coming Soon
This hasn’t changed yet, but we wanted to give you a heads up: Starting in version 90, to simplify some of the interface, we’re removing the Speaker labeling toggle that appears when you use the Speaker label menu to change speakers in a Composition. After v90, changing a label using the speaker menu will always apply until the next Speaker change.
To change the label on a specific selection only, such as a single sentence or paragraph, you can highlight that range and use the ellipses menu […] or the keyboard shortcut Shift+@. We recommend adopting this workflow in advance to get used to it.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Replacing Script Track would reset or change layers
  • Fixed an issue where editing Script track changes layer positions
  • Fixed a bug resulting in a “Drive Failed to Install” error when enabling computer audio in the Editor Recorder
  • Fixed a newer bug resulting in “Error changing text” message when copy and pasting from the Script
  • Fixed bug causing Descript to exit full-screen mode when initiating a recording
  • Fixed a bug causing the Show Notes AI Action to lose timestamps when Wordless media and Ignored text were present