Version 55 Release

Overdub Tool
: You can now re-generate words or phrases using your Overdub AI voices using the new Overdub tool (in the dropdown on the top-left of your script), or by hitting the "d" shortcut to trigger the tool. You can also still hit the Overdub button after selecting a range in the script.
Pinning popovers
: We’ve made it easier to keep popovers (like the media library) open persistently by adding a button on the top-right of pinnable popovers to pin them.
Quality of life improvements
: Lots of bug fixes & improvements, most notably:
  • We’ve fixed some major issues with text corrections over sequences not sticking
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the toolbar in the script sometimes wouldn’t show up
  • The "/" shortcut to add scenes now works on all keyboards
  • Timeline operations now snap to other layers
  • It’s easier to get into a blank new composition by simply clicking on the hint text if you’re not interested in the action buttons