Version 56 Release

Quality of life improvements: Bug fixes and tweaks, most notably:
  • Made it easier to apply changes from one scene to all scenes that a layer spans. Just head to the … menu on the top right of the property panel with the layer selected and hit “Apply properties to all scenes”.
  • Unmodified quick recordings published to a web link are now processed and ready for playback much faster than before
  • Improved the audio recorder stability in Descript
  • Added the ability to record computer audio on Windows
  • Moved how you enable audio-only multitrack recording. The Recorder previously had a
    button to add and assign additional channels for multitrack recording when in "Audio only". Now, you simply click the Settings icon next to the audio input and enable the "Separate channels" option. Descript will now automatically record all active channels from your audio input device to separate tracks of a Sequence.
  • Fixed some major bugs with animation across scenes and on text layers.